Why Should You Get Google Nest WiFi For Your Home?

Google Nest Wi-Fi is Google’s new router. The model comes to replace Google WiFi, model released in 2016 and comes with features such as Setting Up Google WiFi Assistant support and speakers to function as a smart speaker. In addition, the device promises sufficient performance for speeds up to four times faster than its predecessor. Google WiFi was a very capable device, but it lacked a few functions, which users have pointed out. The company also has taken note of those complaints and made sure that the new router has all those clamored functions.

According to the manufacturer, the coverage area has also increased by 25% and the connection can be made through a mesh network. The product is already available in the US and doing great. Although the price of Google Nest WiFi is on the high side, the company believes it is justified given the amazing features the router incorporates.

Nest Wi-Fi is made up of two or more different devices that complement each other. There is the Router, which is the router itself, and Point, the unit that creates the mesh network and also functions as an intelligent speaker, with support for voice commands via Google Assistant. Although it is an update to Google WiFi, there are still some questions about the new Nest Wi-Fi datasheet. The main shortcoming, that the new system is not compatible with the new Wi-Fi networks 6. This is a big drawback in the system because all major router-manufacturing companies are developing products with Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, so Google should have added this functionality, but unfortunately, it didn’t.

In terms of numbers, the promise is that by using a two-unit kit (router and point), the user can set up a network of up to 350 meters of coverage. Again, due to the use of Mesh technology, the signal is expected to reach this entire area without significant loss of connection quality and speed. If you were dealing with low or no Wi-Fi connectivity in certain rooms of the house, then this router will boost the Wi-Fi signals to deliver excellent connectivity.

In addition to wireless connectivity, the point will offer the possibility of network cable connection supporting the Gigabit Ethernet standard. In addition to the US market, Google Nest WiFi is available in eight other countries, so if you are looking forward to buying this product, then you don’t have to wait for too long.


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